Loaded with ingredients that promote longevity, this herbal shot enhances brain function.

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Advertisement Banner Longevity has long been an obsession of ours (surprise!). Questions related to what one should eat, drink, practice and prioritize in order to live long, fulfilling lives are top of mind for most of us – after all isn’t that what the ultimate aim should be?

Mark Hyman, MD and Dan Buettner – two experts on functional medicine who study longevity zones such as Blue Zones worldwide (regions where longest living people reside), argue that what you consume daily plays an integral part in maintaining optimal fitness over the years ahead. Rachelle Robinett from Well+Good’s Plant-Based YouTube series shares how you can create an herbal shot packed with brain boosting ingredients designed to extend longevity.

Follow along as Robinett whips up an herbal remedy tailored towards brain health and neuro-longevity, featuring adaptogens like rhodiola and ginseng as well as cerebral tonics like bacopa – remember, in order to improve longevity healthily, you need an holistic approach!

Robinett chose 4 herbs and spices as she sought long life: herbs such as ginger root and turmeric for inflammation reduction;
Rhodiola is one of the best herbs when it comes to brain health and longevity benefits, due to its role in mental recovery. According to Robinett, rest, digesting, and neutral states should exist simultaneously with performing systems – something Rhodiola assists with. Rhodiola helps block cortisol production as well, something Robinett notes can greatly benefit health in chronic doses.

  1. Ginseng This beverage also features ginseng, which helps reduce inflammation in the brain. Neuroinflammation has been shown to lead to anxiety, depression and longer term neurological disorders; thus ginseng helps ensure your mind stays happy, calm and free of overworked neural connections. Plus it’s rich with antioxidants which protect against free-radical damage while supporting immunity function more optimally!
  2. Nootropics
    Robinett’s recipe features nootropics like bacopa–an increasingly common component in ADHD/ADD treatments–and functional mushrooms for maximum cognitive support and memory retention. Nootropics provide memory support, cognition enhancement and learning support in the brain while increasing circulation while supporting brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels. Furthermore, Robinett recommends an optimal brain functioning/focus mushroom blend shot that features Reishi and Lion’s Mane as it balances out mood balancers while protecting nerve health (Lions Mane).
  3. Turmeric Finally, and most significantly, this recipe also incorporates turmeric. Turmeric is an incredible spice with various medicinal benefits for the whole body – skin health to joint pain to digestion issues to anti-inflammation. It makes an amazing addition to this dish! “Turmeric is an extremely potent antioxidant which has been shown to neutralize free radicals, reduce Alzheimer’s and dementia risks and is associated with lower cardiovascular risks,” Buettner previously informed Well+Good. Turmeric contains plant compounds called curcuminoids which have anti-inflammatory effects and thus help make this spice effective against inflammation. Curcumin proved its effectiveness against mild memory complaints in adults aged 50-90 in an 18 month study conducted by American Journal of Geriatric Psychology; curcumin improved memory by 28 percent overall over this timeframe. Subjects also experienced mild improvements in mood; though its exact cause remains undetermined. According to Gary W. Small, M.D., director of UCLA Longevity Center, likely having something to do with curcumin’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

Are you ready for an instant burst of longevity-promoting vitamins, minerals, and adaptogenic herbs? Try Robinett’s delicious recipe to boost memory retention, focus, creativity and brain functioning all in a quick sip!

Attract Longevity with Robinett’s Herbal Shot for Longevity
You will need 2 ounces of plant-based milk, 1/2 teaspoon each of rhodiola, ginseng, bacopa and astragalus; along with 1 teaspoon each of turmeric and astragalus and pinch of black pepper for 1 Serving Mushroom Blend

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