10 Ways to Use Wilted Produce in Delicious Recipes

Wish there was some way we could incorporate all this nutritious produce before it goes bad… Well, here are 10 delicious and simple ways you can use to pack in more of it for an amazingly nutritious meal! Hopefully these 10 will inspire your creative thinking when trying out all kinds of different produce options that don’t quite meet recipe specifications – there will still be enough room to incorporate extra nutritious fruits and veggies!

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    Super Green Pepita Pesto
    Food Matters kitchen staple Super Green Pepita Pesto. Pistas add an irresistibly rich texture while providing essential micronutrients like zinc and magnesium while being an incredible source of fiber. Use any extra greens you may have lying around to add extra depth; sneak them into the blender with herbs (stalks included!) for this versatile pesto that makes an incredible side dish or dip!
  2. Ongoing Immunity-Boosting Root Vegetable Soup

Hearty soups are one of the best ways to utilize any leftover vegetables you might have lying around. Begin by creating a base broth, and use all those in your crisper drawer before opening! Nothing should go to waste!

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    Gut-Loving Vietnamese Pho
    Our simple yet nutritious combination of one of Vietnam’s signature dishes features fragrant spices and vegetables for maximum stomach warmth, infusing it all with our homemade bone broth for even greater gut healing properties, encouraging you to add in as many extra vegetables as you like for maximum impact! We urge you to do exactly the same when serving for guests or friends at home!
  2. (Massaged Kale Salad) We often buy kale with good intentions of enjoying it quickly upon purchasing; yet often ends up languishing unloved at the back of our fridges until we make time to crispen it properly. Massage helps soften its leaves (while also imparting delicious flavor!), thus making this salad worth its while!
  3. Green Machine Gluten-Free Fritters

Fritters are an all-star family breakfast item and you can use any vegetable to bulk them out if the batter is right. In our opinion, Chef Cynthia’s Green Machine Gluten-Free Fritters are exceptional; use whatever leftover greens or veggies may be lying around to add them into this fantastic recipe and they won’t go to waste – trust us when we say that all will taste equally scrumptious!

Ginger Miso Soba Noodle Abundant Bowl

Abundance bowls live up to their name by being packed full of vibrant nutrients, and because of the stunning broth used to craft them you really can add anything you wish – from traditional Japanese vegetables such as eggplant and seaweed, all the way down to whatever’s found hiding in your fridge! We suggest some Japanese-inspired options as a starting point, but remember the best bowls can often come out of unexpected places in your refrigerator!

7.Prebiotic Tray Bake with Tahini Drizzle

Lee Holmes’ signature tray bake is inspired by wilted vegetables – or anything you need to use up! – and pairs them with an irresistibly delectable tahini drizzle that you should keep handy to quickly revitalize any produce looking less-than-ideal. You won’t want to forget it next time your produce looks less-than-ideal!

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Lentil Shepherd’s Pie Shepherd’s pies have long been considered an American comfort classic, thanks to the creamy sweet potato topping and protein-packed lentils which form its base. You can add as many vegetables (or none!) that your heart desires because the vegetables remain hidden underneath all that creaminess! And because this dish hides those vegetables so well, your pride doesn’t need to suffer either!

  1. Wash all veggies well to prepare a roast vegetable frittata quickly in just minutes – simply pop in the oven! Don’t skimp out on adding as many different kinds of veg as possible so everyone in your family can share in its protein-packed glory.

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Greened Up Shakshuka
While we hesitate to select any dishes as favorites, this shakshuka would likely top our list. Grab any extra leeks or spinach leaves that might otherwise go to waste; everything’s about to come together into something delicious in one pot with medicinal spices bursting with lycopene – this tomatoey, one-pan feast will not fail to delight and offer an ideal way to share an unforgettable breakfast meal together!

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way we could incorporate all this nutritious produce before it goes bad! Well, here are 10 delicious dishes you can pack your produce into and turn into nutritious meals – even if there are additional veggies not called for by any specific recipe, you will still have an opportunity to include them for an even greater nutritional boost!

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    Super Green Pepita Pesto
    Food Matters’s kitchen always includes this delicious green pesto as one of its standard offerings. Pistas add an exquisite taste while providing important micronutrients like zinc and magnesium as well as being an amazing source of fiber. Plus if you have extra greens that need using up, sneak those extra veggies into the blender – last handfuls of herbs (stalks included!) as well as any wilting leaves will bulk out this classic pesto recipe perfectly!
  2. Hearty Root Vegetable Soup for Immune Support

Hearty soups can be the ideal way to use up any remaining veggies from your crisper drawer. Simply start with a base broth recipe, and voila: nothing goes to waste!

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Gut-Loving Vietnamese Pho mes This easy and delicious Vietnamese classic boasts fragrant spices and vegetables to fill you up without adding extra fats! For extra gut healing properties we added our homemade bone broth as the foundation, while extra vegetables can always add depth of flavour! Enjoy!

  1. Steamed Massaged Kale Salad Kale is often purchased with good intentions but often sits neglected in the back of our refrigerators until we finally make time to crisp it up and enjoy it! This salad provides one way of using up that old kale while giving its leaves more tender texture (and adding delicious flavor!). Massaging helps soften their leaves for enhanced digestion as well as release its wonderful taste!
  2. Green Machine Gluten-Free Fritters

Fritters are a family favorite and you can use any vegetable to bulk them out as long as the batter is correct. Our favorite gluten-free fritter recipe comes from Chef Cynthia of Green Machine Gluten-Free Fritters; but any wilted greens from your refrigerator won’t go to waste either, promise us!

Ginger Miso Soba Noodle Abound in Bowl

Abundance bowls live up to their name! Filled with nutritious goodness and enhanced by an indulgent broth base, abundance bowls offer endless combinations. Here we suggest some Japanese-inspired vegetables as starting points – but the most fulfilling bowls often arise out of whatever remains hidden within your refrigerator!

  1. Tackini Tahini Tray Bake

Lee Holmes’ signature tray bake is inspired by wilted-veg creations – basically anything leftover that needs to be eaten! The goodness comes from both vegetables themselves as well as an irresistibly satisfying tahini drizzle – save a little of this sauce in your cupboard in case any more produce needs rejuvenation later!

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    Lentil Shepherd’s Pie
    Everyone knows shepherd’s pie! From its creamy sweet potato topping and protein-rich lentil base, to an abundance of vegetables that you can hide away into this comforting pie; no introduction necessary! With no need to consider their aesthetic value either – Lentil Shepherd’s Pie offers something familiar yet different all at the same time!

Roast Vegetable Frittata This roast vegetable frittata can be prepared quickly; just place in the oven while its timer does its work! When making any frittata dish, more vegetable matter means greater protein density – perfect for feeding an entire family or party of guests at one sitting! (10)
Greened Up Shakshuka
Although we hesitate to pick favorites, this shakshuka would surely rank high. Sift through those leftover leeks and bag of spinach leaves; all will soon become deliciously sauteed together into this hearty one-pan wonder that boasts medicinal spices while providing plenty of lycopene-packed nutrition – it makes the ideal way to gather family or friends around for breakfast on any Sunday morning!

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