Discover the Method to Preserve Your Favorite Avocados’ Ripeness for Extended Periods

Avocados aren’t the best choice if you want a durable produce that will last for a long time. The avocados are ripe, ready to be eaten, and then they go bad. This is frustrating, to say the least. What if I told that there is a way to keep them green for several months? You read it correctly. Months.

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Bethany Ugarte, of Lilsipper, has been using this hack for years and it still blows people’s minds. Unpeeled whole avocados can be frozen in ice cube trays for later use. She thawed an avocado (up to four months) that was frozen and then let it sit on the counter. When she cut the fruit open, it looked as if she had just bought it at the supermarket.

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Bethany Ugarte shared a post on Twitter (@lilsipper).

The avocado she had frozen months later looked more attractive and appetizing than the one I’d cut open. Looks like it’s about time to make more space in the freezer.

Ugarte has some advice on how to keep avocados ripe and fresh for several months.

How to keep your avocados fresh for months
When they reach the desired ripeness, place them in the freezer.
If you are ready to use the product, let it sit for 30 minutes on your counter.
After you can easily press your fingers through the skin, use a knife to cut it into quarters.
Peeling the avocado skin will reveal a ripe and creamy avocado that you can use to make any dish.
Here are the avocado benefits you need to know:

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