Need an Afternoon Pick-Me-Up? Indulge in This Delectable Chia Seed Pudding!

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What about a chia pudding that’s not a mushy mess. Please tell me more.

If I’m feeling low on energy, which is pretty much all the time due to the 24-hour news cycle/being a grown-up/the imminent demise of the planet — my first instinct is always to drink a fourth cup of espresso and scroll through cute videos of dogs on Instagram. But it turns out I was doing things wrong. TIL revealed that chia seed (yes, they are) can also be a great way to boost your energy. Rachelle Robinett, holistic health coach and herbalist, explains in the latest episode from Well+Good’s YouTube show Plant Based why chia seeds are such a superfood.

Robinett claims that “it’s a bit famous for its energy.” It’s not that [chia] is directly stimulating; it’s because it’s nutrient dense, so we get a lot of energy, calories, and nutrients in a small amount. You can thank chia for its high amounts of calcium, fiber, and protein. This efficiency is helpful in weight management, for when you want a quick snack that will energize you without being a full meal.

You’re not going to just pop a handful and call it a meal. Robinett shares the secret of making a delicious chia pudding. (Hint: it involves caramelized pineapple!) This afternoon treat will be a hit. You want to make it? Watch the video on our YouTube channel or above.

Are you ready to add more chia into your life? Try this recipe for low-FODMAP chia pudding or this one to make chia bonbons.