A Top Dietitian Reveals the 4 Foods to Steer Clear of for Improved Gut Health

Food can be…confusing. Do you need to avoid gluten at all cost? Avocados eaten as quickly as possible? Well+Good nutrition experts will set the record straight on food. They’ll cut through the hype, the hand-wringing, and give you the most complete information about what you should and shouldn’t put into your body. See All

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Looking for improved digestive health? Here are some foods to eat and avoid.

It’s hard to believe that the holiday party season will officially begin in a few short weeks. This may be good news for your Insta-story game, but all those late night drinks, missed workouts, and cocktails can be bad for your stomach. When bloating or bathroom disturbances strike, how can you get back in balance and keep it there? You can start by adjusting your diet. It’s important to understand the foods that are bad for gut health, as well as the ones that are good.

Tracy Lockwood Beckerman RD, registered dietitian, explains four ingredients that you should avoid to maintain optimal gut health in the latest episode You Versus Food, a YouTube series by Well+Good which simplifies nutrition-related topics. Sugar is the number one suspect. Beckerman claims that there is a growing body of research showing how consuming a diet high in sugar can affect gut bacteria. “Plus, refined-sugar stimulates the growth harmful bacteria known as candida that can damage the lining of your gut.”

Beckerman also argues for reducing meat consumption to promote gut health. She says that there is a connection between eating meat and gut bacteria. Because bacteria can change quickly in the gut, which can be either a good or bad thing, a meat-heavy dietary pattern can cause negative changes in bacteria within two days.

Watch the video to learn about two more foods that are bad for your gut, and five tasty alternatives. Beckerman says to follow his advice daily and your gut is ready for the end of year social events.

Beckerman has six healthy foods that you can eat to boost your energy. Find out which one she’s named the healthiest.