“Caramelized Leeks Enhance the Flavor of Cast-Iron Roast Chicken”

Cast iron is the best. Cast iron’s heat retention properties are unmatched by tempered glass, stainless steel or any other vessel. The pan can be heated first to cook a whole bird, which means that you don’t have to flip it and the underside won’t look unappealingly pale or flabby.

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Four servings


Whole 3 1/2 to 4 pound chicken

Kosher salt


Leeks are halved in half lengthways, with only the white and pale-green parts.


Divided into tablespoons of olive oil

Freshly ground black Pepper

Step 1
Sprinkle salt liberally on the inside and outside of the chicken. We use 1 tsp. Diamond Crystal or half a teaspoon. Morton kosher salt per lb.) Legs can be tied together using kitchen twine. Allow to sit for 1 hour so that the salt can penetrate. You can also chill, covered, up to a day in advance.

Step 2
Set a 12-inch cast-iron pan or a 3-qt. on the rack. enameled cast-iron baking dish on rack. Pre-heat oven to 425deg.

Step 3
In a medium bowl, coat the leeks with 2 Tbsp. Toss leeks and 2 Tbsp.

Step 4
If using dry rub, sprinkle it on the chicken once oven temperature reaches 450 degrees. Pour the remaining oil in the hot skillet. This will help keep the chicken skin from tearing and sticking. Place the chicken in center of the skillet, and then arrange leeks all around. Roast for 50-60 minutes, until leeks have browned edges and are tender. An instant-read thermometer placed in the thickest part breasts will register 155deg (temperatures will rise to 165deg while chicken rests). Rest chicken in skillet for at least 20 minutes, and even up to 45.

Step 5
Transfer the chicken to a cutting surface and carve. Serve with leeks.